The Most Effective Ways to Do PPC Campaigns

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Maybe you think PPC (Pay-per-click) campaign is similar to other tools like social media, content marketing, and search engine optimization. Well, that’s not true. It is unique because it has the potential to work independently and can cause an immediate boost in traffic and conversions.

However, you need to understand how to effectively use PPC campaigns if you want to have more clicks and patronage on the products and services you are promoting.

Here are some smart ways to upgrade your PPC campaign approach to boost your conversion rate.

1. Choose Your Keywords Wisely

When working with PPC ads, the effectiveness of your bid on matching specific keywords to your ad is dependent mainly on how much you spend. So it is essential that you make choose the right keywords to bid on.
One of the best tools you can use to search for keywords when using Google AdWords is the Keyword Planner. This tool provides you with a list of keyword suggestions which you can select from. However, you need to remember that there are many of your competitors who are also searching for keywords and might get the same keyword from Google. So be wise in the choice you make.

2. Emphasize Value First

Always let your actual ad copy lead with value first, even when your keywords carries some details and description of what you offer. For instance, instead of writing a text that describes the services you render, you can specify the benefits that customers would derive from the service. Let your customers know about the value and solution that your products and services provide.

3. Use a Call-to-Action

Don’t use an ad without including a call to action. After showing your potential customer why they should use your product and services, your call to action should indicate an actionable next step that the whole copy has been gearing towards. You should also make a call to action carry some sense of urgency. This leaves your customers anxious to capitalize on the benefits of your service.

4. Target People at All Stages of the Marketing Funnel

One mistake lot businesses make is targeting just a level on the marketing funnel. This is not an effective way to do PPC campaigns. You have to focus both the old-hands and the newcomers. Let your campaign be aimed at converting people at different stages in the marketing funnel.

People in the later stage have a good knowledge of what your company is all about and already have purchasing intent. So use keywords that are directed towards people in the commitment stage of the marketing funnel.

5. Find Your Long-Tail Keywords

You can bid to as broad an audience if you use short-tail keywords like “buy custom gifts,” but you target more specific people with long-tail keywords like “buy Custom gifts in New York.” This long-tail keyword is going to appear more prevalently in your target audience who are more likely to convert.
You can check the organic search engine results that have led to the web page of your business. This can help determine the best keywords to use for your campaigns.