Content Marketing Made Simple : 3 Key Factors To Consider

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Anna Handley, one of the pioneers of content marketing, mentions in her book Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide To Creating Ridiculously Good Content that “the truth is this: writing well is part habit, part knowledge of some fundamental rules, and part giving a damn.”

In simpler words, creating content for your blog or website is not as difficult as it might seem. You need to be equipped with basic knowledge of grammar, set up the intention and show the reader or the end customer how the respective product can help cover their needs.

Content Marketing Institute claims that content marketing, as a concept, is related to the following different types of content – native advertising, branded content, product marketing, traditional marketing, social media, SEO, inbound marketing, public relations, influencer marketing.

In fact, all these aspects of marketing strategy can and should be taken into consideration when developing a content marketing campaign. The easiest way to set up a simple and yet brilliant content marketing campaign, is to check each section of your marketing campaign and come up with a well-thought-out plan.

Below are 3 easy ways for you to amp up your game and develop a perfect content marketing strategy without having a related degree –

1. Define The End Consumer

First and foremost, you have to know your audience. If you don’t know yet, then figure it out. Is your product or service designed for males, females, or both, what is the age span, what are the most common behavior patterns of your audience, etc. Answer these questions before moving onto the next step.

2. Adapt Your Content To The End Customer

Once you know who the end customer is, you have to create adaptive content that meets the needs and values of your audience. Nail Patel claims that you should think of adaptive content as water, “whatever you put it into, it takes the shape of that container”.

3. Follow The Trends

Every year trends change. They evolve. What yesterday was popular, today might be not. Take as an example visual marketing strategies including infographics, videos, that is growing in popularity like never before. According to statistics, mobile users surfing the web have outgrown desktop users amounting now to 62% of global internet users. As a consequence, brands design content that is easily accessible and visually appealing to mobile users.

There’s much that can be said about content marketing and the way to make it work for you without necessarily having a degree or much knowledge about it. However, the aforementioned factors are the main things you need to consider before anything else.