Best Ways to Do Content Marketing In 2019

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Have you tried several methods to promote your brand and attract new customers to no avail? Maybe you have even tried content marketing and failed due to some poor tactics. Well, it’s not a crime to fail; you have to learn how to do it better. For you to grow your business, there are some emerging trends in the field of content marketing that you need to consider, especially in the year 2019.

Remember, It is not how well; it’s how smart. So, if you want to level up in content marketing and stay ahead of your competitors, check out the best strategies you can implement to promote your business through content marketing.

1. Start with a Content Marketing Assessment

This involves identifying some primary challenges and outlining the steps you’ll take to overcome them. The process of sorting out problems is fundamental if you want to leverage the full potential of content marketing. You also have to document your content marketing strategy to help you dominate the market in 2019.
You can start from certain points like SEO and lead generation. Also, you should study your company and find an approach that will make your company stand out amid other competitors.

2. Make Use of Brand Storytelling

Don’t just stick to the old “How To” strategies; it won’t always keep you ahead. You can tell a story with your brand to help you connect authentically with your audience. You need to understand that this era has a peer group of people who appreciate brands that they can easily connect with.

You can start by sharing a story of how the company started and what it took to get it to the present level. You can also talk about the experiences of customers who claim your products have changed their lives. Make it relatable and convincing to win your potential customers over.

3. Utilize Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest tactics in the world presently. You can use this powerful technology for planning blog topics, reviewing analyses, discovering keywords, as well as accessing data reports that would give shape to the content creation process for your target audience.

You can use technologies like the Al-powered intelligence to get valuable insight into what your potential customers are searching for, and what content would be perfect for persuading them to patronize you.

4. Take Advantage of Live Video

Cisco’s prediction indicated that live video would take up as much as 80% of all internet traffic in 2021. You can use video formats to communicate your story and build relationships. A suitable format that has been a significant trend in recent years is live video. A high number of Facebook users spend triple the amount of time watching traditional videos on live videos. Also, social media stats show that the number of views of Instagram’s video is twice that of its photos.
So, you can humanize your brand and take advantage of endless possibilities like hosting Q&A, use live streaming, and giving product demonstrations. These Video formats are sure to help you make waves.